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Derek Bright is a British researcher, blues musician and author

Pilgrims' first view of Canterbury Cathedral's Bell Harry Tower from Kings Wood above Godm

The Pilgrims' Way: Fact & Fiction of an Ancient Trackway

D. Three guitar sculpture marking the junction of Highway 49 and 61 at the Crossroads, Cla

Highway 61: Crossroads on the Blues Highway

D. Three guitar sculpture marking the junction of Highway 49 and 61 at the Crossroads, Cla

Bright is an old master at following old and ancient trails, and you couldn't pick a better guide to show you the sights on Highway 61

Paul Garon, poet, blues historian and founder of Living Blues

AA. Riverside Hotel, Clarksdale, Mississippi.JPG


Derek Bright worked as  a researcher in industrial relations, and then founded a business offering support for walkers following long distance trails between Winchester to Canterbury. He completed his first book "The Pilgrims' Way: Fact and Fiction of an ancient trackway" inspired by the interest which his customers showed in its history, exploring the realities of travel on foot along the chalk trackways of southern England from prehistoric times, to the legacy of the romanticism of the Victorian and Edwardian writers. Derek has also conducted research for the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty; Creek Creative's presentation on the rise and fall of Faversham Abbey; Rural Strife in the hopfields of Kent; and the history of civil disturbances in the Faversham area associated with the Poor Law Reforms. "Highway 61:Crossroads on the Blues Highway" developed from Derek's continuing fascination with the blues, and between 2007 and 2013 he took three road trips down Highway 61 exploring the myths, and harsh realities, of the places and people from where the blues originated. Derek is never afraid of challenging expectations, and readers will find new and interesting insights in both books.

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